Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tiny Post.

I'm supposed to be working.

Writing up observations.

But Andrew has (no joke) already worked 55 hours this week, and I've worked somewhere near 30, and I just got home from our RS Christmas Activity and thought I'd write a little tiny post.

This lady has become really attached to me. I don't know if it's because I've been working more (she goes to some really good friends from the ward while I'm away (I'm away for about 1/3 of my working time. The rest of it is while she's sleeping), and they do are so wonderful with her) but I think she's just more aware that I could leave.

And so I'm trying to really cherish the time that wants with me. Rather than let it drive me crazy. The sling has helped A TON, in allowing me to still get things done and hold her.

She reaches up to grab my hand and pull me where she wants me to go. All the time. And it kind of just melts my heart. Most of the time.

She's got such a little personality. She has really opinions about what she wants, and we love her long, drawn out whisper,"Yeeeeaaaah," when we ask her a question.

We're so excited to come see more family over Christmas. Now that she remembers people a little bit better, and can interact a little bit more. We loved Thanksgiving with Will and Sara. We just wish we were closer to more of you, so you could watch her grow, and she could know you better.

That's all for now. Off to work. Just a little bit. Just wanted you to know we're alive. Mostly.

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